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Grumeti Fund, Tanzania

ConservationTechnology Tools Development, Training, Maintenance and Support.

  • EarthRanger functionality improvements and training

  • Maintain and support communication infrastructure such as Motorola digital radio and Long-Range (LoRa) systems.

  • Remote and in-person support and training for their in-house technical personnel.

Okoa Maliasili, Tanzania

EarthRanger Pilot Project Deployment for the Counter Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Teams

  • EarthRanger data model development and user training.

  • Syncing multiple EarthRanger instances onto a centralised ER platform.

Okoa Maliasili Logo.png

Uganda Conservation Foundation, Uganda

EarthRanger training and development work in collaboration with Uganda Conservation Foundation (UCF) and Ugandan Wildlife Authority (UWA), in Uganda.​

  • EarthRanger user training and support.

  • EarthRanger design processes and systems for reporting purposes via Tableau.

  • ER Mobile application deployment and support.

  • EarthRanger platform functionality improvements.

Nsumbu Tanganyika Conservation Programme, Zambia

Conservation Technology Functionality Development and Support.

  • Conservation technology tools functionality improvements and training.

  • Motorola Digital radio  system support.

  • Operations room training.

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