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ConTech Africa provides the necessary training, guidance, and support to conservation practitioners to enhance their ongoing conservation efforts using technology. With the ever-growing human and ecosystem challenges, ConTech strives to bring a balance through meaningful and impactful technology, providing conservation organisations across Africa with reliable, credible, and time-effective conservation technology support services.


ConTech Africa is a Tanzania-based and owned consultancy firm specialising in conservation technology services. The team has over five years of experience in the conservation technology space.
At ConTech Africa, we believe conservation technology has an active role in ensuring that nature and development are not at the expense of the other.
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Operations Rooms Setup

Everything in one place

Operations rooms are ideal for organisations that work with one or more conservation technology tools. Operations rooms add the necessary data security layer and easy data access, where all data is collected, stored and disseminated from a central point. More importantly, operations rooms are essential for the coordination, integration and monitoring of valuable assets in the field, providing a holistic management capability.


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